Gearing Up For Safety
Production Agriculture Safety Training for Youth

Order Number: PRF-SCD
Price: $29.95

This CD-ROM is designed specifically to provide agricultural safety training for youth to meet the current training requirements. The content includes 11 units that cover both tractor and machinery operation training. In addition other safety information on ATV's and skid steer loaders are also covered.

This is designed to be highly interactive and attractive to today's youth. Each unit contains learning activities and review questions. The contents are enhanced with high quality visuals that show modern agricultural tractors and machinery being used in various agricultural operations and diverse geographic locations.

A glossary containing hundreds of technical terms, each with a color image and brief description, is linked to the contents allowing students to quickly access definitions of new or unfamiliar terms. A collection of over 20 highly personalized case studies takes safety out of the classroom and incorporates it into the workplace.

Also available a Program Leader's Guide.

CD-ROM, 2005, For Windows Only

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