Safe Operations of
Agricultural Equipment

Student Manual

Dale Hull & Thomas Silletto

ISBN: 978-0-913163-27-6
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This quality Hobar student manual, meets Federal Regulations for training young people to work in agricultural occupations, represents the 24-hour tractor and machine operations program Consisting of 11 units, this manual covers all phases of agricultural equipment and farmstead safety.

The 11 units are titled: Safety is No Accident; Instruments & Controls; Maintenance and Safety Checks; Starting and Stopping Tractors; Tractor Safety of the Farm; Tractor Safety on the Road; Tractor Hitches, PTO, and Hydraulics; Why Farm Machinery Accidents Occur; Farm Machinery Accident Situations; Farmstead Safety; and Safety Standards for Agricultural Tractors and Implements. Each unit includes a student worksheet and a checksheet with questions related to the materials covered in the unit.

128 pages, 1996, softcover

Instructor's Guide
Order #: 10176
Price: $6.25
Includes answer keys for the worksheets and checksheets; a list of materials needed for the training program; resource list for publications, slide sets, films, and videos; teaching plan for each unit includes objectives, teaching aids, instructor/trainee activities, exam questions, a driving test, and the layout for the driving course. 52 pages, 1996, softcover
Ag Equipment Operator Safety
Series DVD
Order #: 75715D
Price: $40.00
Produced for use with youth engaged with agricultural machinery operations and other farm operations; these videos are a training resource for agricultural machinery operator safety programs to fulfill the Federal Law for child labor in Hazardous Occupations in Agriculture. This video series is very well done with youth actors and
music. The seven video titles are Starting and Stopping Tractors; Tractor Safety on the Farm; Tractor Hitches, PTO’s and Hydraulics; Tractor Safety on the Road;
Why Farm Machinery Accidents Occur; Farm Machinery Accident Situations and Farmstead Safety.

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