The Far Islands
and Other Cold Places

Elizabeth Taylor

ISBN: 1-880654-11-3
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Elizabeth Taylor (1856 - 1932) was a travel writer entranced by the Northern climes. Her visits to Iceland, Canada, Norway and, above all, the Faroe Islands, resulted in the essays contained in this book. Her original writings were passed around for year and eventually were given to her great-grandnephew who organized them and even visited some of the places Elizabeth wrote about. There are 39 articles from Elizabeth's writings in this book along with letters she wrote and received from family and friends along the way.

This title was selected for the Minnesota Book Award as a 1998 Personal Papers Award Winner. Visit for more info.

But your collection seems to me quite independent of the years. They are full of personal feeling and quite radiant with color. -- Ellery Sedgwick, Editor, The Atlantic Monthly.

320 pages, bibliography and illustrations, 1997, paperbound

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