Taming Storm Surges
When Ecology, Engineering, and Faith Meet

Bob Onan

ISBN: 1-880654-33-4
Order Number: PP334

Storm surges and flood tides regularly attack the coastal barrier islands of Bangladesh, then surge inland. Tibetan mountain rivers laden with snow and glacial melt and accelerate downhill. These waters flood the villages, croplands, and animal habitat in Bangladesh. They spread death, destruction and disease. This first novel is about vulnerability to these forces of nature which create loss of dignity, minimal health care, and economic deprivation for the people.

The story begins on a stage of despair. A veneer of phony opulence covers the abject poverty of the people. But one person, a medical doctor from Bangladesh, has seen enough. His skills enable him to diagnose these problems of his country. His focus is health care yet his search for solutions and remedies leads him into un-chartered international waters. There he finds assistance, colleagues, love, faith and success.

About the Author:
Bob Onan has engineering and law degrees from the University of Wisconsin and lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife Gail. He is a gardener, bird watcher, and appreciates nature in all of its splendor. He supports Earth Justice, the Wilderness Society, Greenpeace and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

352 pages, 2006, paperbound

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