Minnesota Theatre
From Old Fort Snelling to the Guthrie
Bernard Hewitt Award Nominee

Frank M. Whiting

ISBN: 0-9617767-2-2
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The general consensus (never proven) seems to be that there is more theatrical activity per capita in the Twin Cities are than anywhere else in the nation, New York included. This book therefore, is a humble attempt to make reader's a bit more aware of Minnesota's theatrical heritage.

The material is arranged in four chronological divisions: Part One takes us from the soldier shows at old Fort Snelling to 1883 when not one but two Grand Opera Houses were constructed. Part Two ends with 1933, the date when Buzz Bainbridge gave up his theatre to become mayor. Part Three covers the thirty year interval between the demise of the Bainbridge Players and the opening of The Guthrie, while Part Four is concerned with the explosion of activity that immediately preceded and followed the opening of The Gutherie.

A comprehensive survey of plays and players in Minnesota from 1821 ... to the present. Forthright and lucid, it represents essential information for students of American history, and pleasant and informative reading for the general public. -- Choice

231 pages, bibliography, index, B&W w/ four-color supplement, 1988, paperbound

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