Songs of Life
The Meaning of Country Music

Jennifer Lawler

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The publishing world has exuberantly hailed the widespread popularity of country music in the last five years with a significant number of books on the subject. Lawler, a literature scholar with a specialty in Old English poetry who also happens to be a country music fan, offers an unusual twist. Her aim is to explore what country music means to its listeners and to show that country music is a distinct literature that merits serious study.

In addition, she profiles various country music stars and their different lifestyles to demonstrate their influences on the lasting popularity of country music. In her conclusion, Lawler acknowledges that her book is just a beginning, but she nevertheless offers a succinct look at country music as she discusses its history, marketing, audience, and surrounding influences.

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A unique feature of Lawler's work is the analysis of famous songs. She points to topics like love, living, women's issues, and political and social issues to prove her thesis that country music indeed reflects the basic joys and struggles of living. -- Kathleen Sparkman, Library Journal

176 pages, bibliography, index and illustrations, 1997, paperbound

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