Pogo Press
Pogo Press was incorporated in 1986. It merged with Finney Company in 2006. This imprint publishes books concerning the arts, history, popular culture, and travel, most with a regional orientation.

Prairie Lightning
The Rise and Fall of William Drew Washburn

Power & Stride
The Nancy Burggraf Story

Shaping Minnesota's Identity

Wonders on Ice

History on the Road
The Painted Carts of Sicily

North Star Rising

The Basis of Belief

Taming Storm Surges

The War As
I Saw It

The Far Islands and Other Cold Places

Oliver's Towns

Minnesota's Literary Visitors

Monumental Minnesota

Songs of Life

River of Conflict, Riverof Dreams

Minnesota Theatre

Art on the Road

Museum of the Streets

Between Two Cultures

Minnesota Souvenir
St. Paul-Minneapolis Republican National Convention 2008

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