Poisonous & Hazardous Marine Life

Sandra D. Romashko

ISBN: 0-89317-045-3
Order Number: WW-0453
Price: $5.95

From risks of shark bites, wounds that won't stop bleeding, and electric shock to potentially fatal puffer poisoning or allergic reactions, the saltwater environment is certainly a place of danger. Divers, swimmers, beachcombers, and even individuals sitting down to an elegant meal of seafood can avoid taking many unnecessary risks by reading this book.

Poisonous and Hazardous Marine Life, complete with illustrations and descriptions of the appearance and habitats of dangerous sea creatures, features tips for avoiding unwanted encounters with marine life.

Readers can find information about first-aid procedures for treating animal-inflicted wounds or food-induced illnesses and can learn to determine when seafood is safe to eat. With this text as an aid, ocean-goers can safely appreciate the fascinating complexity of the saltwater environment.

64 pages, 2004, 6" x 9", paperbound


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