11" x 17" Safety Posters
Set of 24

Order Number: 1179
Price: $41.95

These posters will add greatly to your shop safety instructional program. They are printed on poster board and laminated for easy display in the shop area near the specific power tools.

There are four posters on general safety and 20 on common tools including band saw, belt grinder, bench saw, disc sander, drill press, gas forge, grinder, jig saw, jointer, metal cutting band saw, metal lathe, planer surfacer, portable circular saw, radial arm saw, router, arc welder, oxyacetylene welder, and wood lathe.

Each poster displays in large lettering two to three positive safety points related to the particular tool. A must for any shop program!

8 1/2" x 14" Safety Posters
Set of 13

Order Number: 783
Price: $17.95

This set of 13 laminated safety posters will enhance your shop safety instructional program.

Thirteen of the most common woodworking and metalworking stationary power tools are included in the set: bench saw, radial arm saw, jointer, planer surfacer, band saw, jig saw, disc sander, wood lathe, metal lathe, grinder, drill press, metal cutting band saw, and belt grinder.

Each poster covering one power tool includes part identification and 15 to 20 operating instruction procedures. Supplements Hobar’s Power Tool Safety and Operation Packet #273.

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