Happy Endings

Margaret Logan

ISBN: 0-933855-19-2
Order Number: AN-192
Price: $14.95

"Why are we doing this? To say we have, or to prove we can?"

With that thought in mind, Margaret Logan, 40, decides to take her 17-year-old daughter head to Paris. From there, they would ride their ten-speed bicycles to Rome, crossing the Alps en route. A daunting task, to be certain. But what is more daunting, crossing the Alps on bicycle or challenging a teenager's narrow values and materialistic ambitions?

Originally published to outstanding reviews in 1979, Anacus Press is proud to present a new edition of Happy Endings by Margaret Logan, including new maps and an afterword by the author that answers the question, "What came next?"

200 pages, 1999, 5" x 8", paperbound

"Ought to become a bible for modern mothers and daughters" - The New York Times

"More honest and affecting than My Mother/My Self" -Self Magazine

"Searingly honest, sharply funny, moving, illuminating, marvelous."-Houston Chronicle

"A little-known masterpiece - An extraordinarily lyrical book seemingly unknown to bicycle readers."-Adventure Cycling

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