Erasers & Cleaners
Caring & Cleaning Instructions
Preparing a Chalkboard for Use
New boards and washed boards should be "chalked in" with the side of a piece of chalk. All chalkboards usually produce "ghost" marks unless completely chalked in. When the chalkboard has been whitened, wipe the board with a cloth or with a felt eraser. Chalkboards in a "ready to use" condition should be gray. Do not use water or chalkboard solutions on the board. Chalkboards have a porous surface, and when mixed with water, the binding agent in chalk creates a paste, which clogs the pores and creates a buildup. Liquids can also have a pitting effect on chalkboards.
Dry-Cleaning Chalkboards
  1. Erase markings from the board with a cloth or felt eraser.
  2. Prepare to work with the KLEENER in one hand and a cloth in the other.
  3. Use the rubber side of the KLEENER to remove the coarse dust. Starting at the top and one side of the one section, make a complete stroke across the area.
  4. Use the leather side of the KLEENER to remove the fine dust. Apply the leather side of the KLEENER to the same surface cleaned in Step 3, using long strokes.
Caring for Finney Blackboard KLEENERS
  • Keep KLEENERS out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep extra KLEENERS packaged until they are needed.
  • Do not pound KLEENERS together. This will not remove dust and may damage the tools.
  • Do not pound KLEENERS against any hard or rough surface.

Cleaning Finney Blackboard KLEENERS

The best way to clean KLEENERS is also the easiest. Simply wipe the working surfaces with a slightly damp cloth and set the KLEENER aside to dry. KLEENERS may also be cleaned with a brushless type of fitting on a vacuum or with a soft-bristled hand brush.

Do NOT wash KLEENERS with water or any liquid!

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