It's All About the Money

Hiram M. Drache

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Green Revolution - Biotechnology - All Natural - GMO - Sustainable
We see and hear these terms in our daily lives, but what do they really mean?
Is organic food healthier than conventional?
Do pesticides and herbicides cause cancer?
What do science and research tell us?
What do our emotions tell us?

Author Hiram Drache spent years researching, documenting, interviewing, and writing about these terms; inside is his attempt to answer these questions and more!

Dr. Drache's thoughts include:
"In many respects this has been my most difficult writing project, mainly because I was not fully at ease with the subject matter. But when I thought of all the criticism and obstacles that Norman Borlaug had faced while working for decades alongside people who were suffering from hunger, I felt that his great deeds had to be defended, and the facts needed to be exposed. We also must inform and educate those who have been misled, and are misinformed, who want to prohibit the world's most progressive agriculturalists from using the latest in mechanical and scientific technology to help those who are concerned in our society overcome its most pressing problem-hunger."

The green revolution has an entirely different meaning to most people in the affluent nations of the privileged world than to those in the developing nations of the forgotten world.
-Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and "the father of the Green Revolution"

272 pages, 6" x 9", paperback, © 2015

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