Environmental Awareness...
This hardcover series of books addresses the increasing environmental problems of today. Each title stresses that clean water, pure air, and proper methods of waste disposal, are necessary to sustain life on Earth. Readers learn how they can help in waste reduction, antipollution, and conservation efforts.

Written and edited by a group of professionals in environmental science and elementary education, each book contains a glossary and full-color photographs and diagrams to help provide a clear understanding of each issue.

Readability Level: Grades 3-6 Interest Level: Grades 3 and up
9" x 8" Pages: 48 Author of Series: Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Acid Rain


ISBN: 0-944280-30-7
Order: BS30-7
Price: $19.93

Air Pollution


ISBN: 0-944280-31-5
Order: BS31-5
Price: $19.93

Land Pollution


ISBN: 0-944280-29-3
Order: BS29-3
Price: $19.93

Solid Waste


ISBN: 0-944280-28-5
Order: BS28-5
Price: $19.93

Toxic Waste


ISBN: 0-944280-27-7
Order: BS27-7
Price: $19.93


Learning How Sports...
This hardcover series of instructional sports books is specially designed for the beginning athlete. This set of books is a perfect introduction to a particular sport that can be enjoyed by the young reader as a participant or as an enthusiastic fan.

The reader is given a brief history of the sport, then information detailing the equipment used, basic terms, and rules of the sport. Emphasis is given on the individual's participation, physical conditioning, and good sportsmanship. These books are designed for youngsters who want to learn about their favorite sport as well as its challenges.
Each book contains a glossary, full-color photographs, and diagrams.
Readability Level: Grades 3-6 Interest Level: Grades 2-7
8" x 9" Pages: 48 Binding: Hardcover



ISBN: 0-944280-32-3
Order: BS32-3
Price: $19.93



ISBN: 0-944280-37-4
Order: BS37-4
Price: $19.93



ISBN: 0-944280-35-8
Order: BS35-8
Price: $19.93



ISBN: 0-944280-33-1
Order: BS33-1
Price: $19.93

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