Alone Within the Pack

Sandra Lynch-Bakken

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In her inspiring memoir, Sandra Lynch-Bakken describes her years as a zookeeper at Heritage Zoo in Grand Island, Nebraska, where she took care of the zoo's motley pack of gray wolves. She recounts the emotional peaks and shattering depths of keeping wolves at a peculiar moment in history for wolves in America.

Gray wolves had recently been reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park, and the country was torn. Are wolves bloodthirsty terrors that needed to be destroyed? Or are they a natural, healthy part of our collective ecosystem? Activists hoped that people would treat their new neighbors fairly, although centuries of fear would prove hard to overcome.

At the zoo, Sandra's journey with Heritage Pack had its own challenges and triumphs. Readers will meet ten unique, rambunctious wolves, from quiet Shilo to intimidating Solo and regal Tina. Friendship, love, and heartbreak are woven throughout this amazing story of a pack of wolves and their keeper.

About the Author:
Sandra Lynch-Bakken has studied captive wolves for the past twenty years. She grew up in Ontario, where much of her spare time was spent photographing wildlife in Algonquin Park. In the early 1990s she turned her lifelong passion into a career and became a wolf keeper in Nebraska. She currently lives on Vancouver Island with her husband Dale. They both work for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Sandra is working on her second book.

Since this story has taken place, many of the wolves have been moved to a new home, Wolf Haven International in Tenino, Washington. Visit Wolf Haven's Web site to see how the wolves are doing today,

136 pages, 2008, 7" x 10", paperbound


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