Wings of Her Dreams
Alaska Bush & Glacier Pilot,
Kitty Banner

Ann Lewis Cooper with
Bob & Kitty Banner Seemann

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ISBN: 978-1-880654-51-4
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A reflection and look at the adventures during
Kitty Banner’s time in Alaska. Experience her flights,
landings, and takeoffs on high altitude glaciers
loaded with gear and mountain climbers from all
over the world who came to Talkeetna, Alaska to
attempt ascent of one of the toughest
mountains on earth, Denali.


320 pages, over 240 full-color photographs,
Paperback with flaps, 7" x 10", © 2018
ISBN: 978-1-880654-51-4
Now available!
Order Number: PP514 ....$27.95


Visit to learn more about this amazing book and the history of Kitty Banner, including a gallery of photographs and a newsroom filled with additional and updated information.

What Others Are Saying:

Commander James A. Lovell Jr.
NASA Astronaut, Apollo 13

“The world has historically looked upon aviation as a man’s domain. Names like Wright, Doolittle, and Lindbergh seem to dominate the field of aviation. But this book tells a different story. Here you will find the adventures of Kitty Banner, who battles the weather and terrain as an Alaskan Bush and Glacier pilot.”

Warren Miller
Extreme Sport, Ski Filmmaker, Iconic Ski Storyteller

Freedom Foundation, wrote; “The first time I met Kitty was at a party in Vail, Colorado. I don’t know the exact date; however, I do know that a lot of people talk at me and when Kitty started telling me some of the things she did as a bush pilot, the evening ended way to soon. Every time I saw her in Vail I would bug her about telling of her bush piloting days... In my travels I have heard a lot of great stories and hers always remained at the top of my list to someday see in print. I’m glad it finally happened.”

Sir Edmund Hillary
New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist
First confirmed climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest

In his documentary featuring John Denver and Kitty Banner, Renowned mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary said, “This is a film about flying dangerous missions in Alaska, an unspoiled wilderness, the home of adventure. Alaska Bush Pilots are skillful pilots who fly tiny planes in the most perilous of conditions. They live by their wits: Taking risks: Landing in seemingly impossible spots, Air dropping, and Performing daring rescues. Both men and women, the Bush Pilots are the vital transportation and communication links. “Hunters and fisherman regularly call on the service of a bush pilot to transport then into remote sites. ...Kitty Banner has been a bush pilot running a charter company in one of Alaska’s most inaccessible areas. She has a reputation as an exceptional pilot; But, don’t let the picture post- card beauty surprise you. Much of remote, rugged Alaska is accessible only by air.”

Roberta Sheldon
Aviation Pioneer, Native Alaskan, Talkeetna Community Council Chair, Environmentalist, and Author

“When I met Kitty in Talkeetna so many years ago, I saw a young lady who was vibrant, dynamic, beautiful (inside as well as outside), and who extended a genuine friendliness to all she met. She struck me as one of a kind. It was fairly early in her flying career at the time, but she sure knew her stuff and was eagerly looked forward to each new phase that she was determined to master. A great friendship evolved between us."

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