Indian Mounds You Can Visit: 165 Aboriginal Sites on Florida's West Coast

Mac Perry

ISBN: 978-0-8200-1039-7
Order Number: GO397
Price: $14.95

When Columbus arrived in the New World, 100,000 people (or more) already lived in Florida and had been here for thousands of years. These primitive people built mounds for ceremonial and practical purposes. Though most mounds have succumbed to the bulldozer, many still exist and may be visited. Author I. Mac Perry tells where to find them, describes what was found when they were excavated, and explains what recovered artifacts tell us about the lives of the ancient people who left them behind. Organized by county, with sidebars, charts, photographs and drawings.

5-1/2"x 8-1/2", 320 pgs, b&w photos, illustrations, index, 2nd ed.




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